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I have a BA and MS in astronomy and went back to grad school in January 2011 to pursue a PhD from the University of Hawaii Physics Department. Prior to returning to grad school, I worked as a public outreach specialist at theUniversity of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomyfor a heliophysics group called The Center for Computational Heliophysics in Hawaii (C2H2). I continue to work with this group in a public outreach and scientific capacity.

I have a passion to explain science to the general public in a way that is clear and unswayed by propaganda. In a world where politics and financial special interest plays a large role in how scientific results are presented to the public, it is important that people have an understanding of the scientific process and the meaning behind numbers.

In these pages, I'll present the information I learn as I research topics of interest, including references, and study topics in my physics classes. I've found that I learn best if I review material with the goal of teaching it to someone else. These pages are thus my method of studying while hopefully being useful to others studying the same topics.

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